Clean, Shaven (1993)

Peter Winter is a young schizophrenic who is desperately trying to get his daughter back from her adoptive family. He attempts to function in a world that, for him, is filled with strange voices, electrical noise, disconcerting images, and jarringly sudden emotional shifts. He clings to his humanity like a raft, barely afloat in a sea of terror. In a brief moment of congruence, he shatters his image reflected in a window, perhaps to more properly align it with his fragmented psyche. During his quest, he runs afoul of the law and an ongoing murder investigation.
Genres:  CrimeDrama
Actors:  Peter GreeneAlice LevittMegan Owen
Directors:  Lodge Kerrigan
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Lodge Kerrigan
Runtime: 1h 19min
Release: 21 April 1995
IMDb: 7.1

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