K-19: The Widowmaker (2002)

The story of USSR's first nuclear ballistic submarine, which suffered a malfunction in its nuclear reactor on its maiden voyage in the North Atlantic in 1961. The submarine's crew, led by the unyielding Captain Alexi Vostrikov, races against time to prevent a Chernobyl-like nuclear disaster which threatens not only the lives of his crew, but has the potential to ignite a world war between the super powers.
Genres:  DramaHistoryThrillerWar
Actors:  Harrison FordSam Spruell
Directors:  Kathryn Bigelow
Countries:  UKGermanyUSACanada
Writers:  Louis NowraChristopher Kyle
Runtime: 2h 18min
Release: 2002-07-19
IMDb: 6.7

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