Pleasantville (1998)

David Wagner is a kid whose mind is stuck in the 1950s. He's addicted to a classic 50's sitcom television show called "Pleasantville". Pleasantville is a simple place, a place where all of its citizens are swell and simple-minded folks, a place where the word "violence", and life outside of Pleasantville, is unbeknownst to its inhabitants; things are perfect down in Pleasantville. One evening, the life of David and his obnoxious sister Jennifer take a bizarre turn when an eccentric repairman hand them a supposed magical remote. After a quarrel between the siblings, they inexplicably zap themselves into the world of "Pleasantville". Now, David and Jennifer must adjust to a 50s lifestyle of repressed desires and considerably different societal values while trying to find their way home.
Genres:  ComedyDramaFantasy
Actors:  Tobey MaguireJeff DanielsJoan Allen
Directors:  Gary Ross
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Gary Ross
Runtime: 2h 4min
Release: 23 October 1998
IMDb: 7.5

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