Shortcut to Happiness (2003)

In Manhattan, ambitious writer Jabez Stone (Producer and Director Alec Baldwin) is a complete loser. He is not able to sell his novels, he lives in an awful apartment and he does not have success with women. When one of his friends, Julius Jensen (Dan Aykroyd), sells his novel for one hundred ninety thousand dollars to an editor, Jabez feels envious and promises to sell his soul to the devil for success and accidentally kills a woman with his typing machine. The Devil (Jennifer Love Hewitt) knocks on his door, fixes the situation, and seals a contract with Jabez. His low quality novels have bad reviews but become best-sellers; Jabez enriches; has success with women, but has no time for his friends. Jabez meets with publisher Daniel Webster (Sir Anthony Hopkins) who offers him a chance to break the contract with the devil.
Genres:  ComedyDramaFantasy
Actors:  Virl AndrickRay AranhaKaniel Arocho
Directors:  Alec Baldwin
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Stephen Vincent BenetArchibald Macleish
Runtime: 1h 46min
Release: 17 August 2007
IMDb: 5.5

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