Zatoichi on the Road (1963)

Blind swordsman/masseuer Ichi (or "Zatoichi") is asked by a dying man to deliver the maiden Mitsu (or "Omitsu") to her family in Edo, and Zatoichi feels honor-bound to do so. But rival gangs each have an interest in kidnapping the girl for ransom. Zatoichi joins with one of the gangs when the other gang captures Mitsu, but he then finds that to rescue her, he must fight both gangs.
Genres:  ActionAdventureDrama
Actors:  Shintarô KatsuShiho FujimuraRyûzô Shimada
Directors:  Kimiyoshi Yasuda
Countries:  Japan
Writers:  Minoru InuzukaKan Shimozawa
Runtime: 1h 25min
Release: 27 June 1968
IMDb: 7.3

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