A Legacy of Whining (2016)

A Legacy of Whining not only throws gasoline on the familiar cinematic trope of male mid-life crisis but watches gleefully as it sits back and throws a lighted match onto the proceedings. Inspired by its love of early 1970's American buddy films, this shaggy dog comedy (played out in one desperation-soaked dreamlike evening) tells the tale of two former high school friends, Mitch and Dunc, who reunite thirty years later in an attempt to resurrect the faded corpse of their "glory years" only to find, perhaps, that the past ain't all it's cracked up to be... "A Legacy of Whining" is really funny!"- The Movie Waffler.com
Genres:  Comedy
Actors:  Ross MunroRobert David Duncan
Directors:  Ross Munro
Countries:  Canada
Writers:  Ross Munro
Runtime: 1h 13min
Release: 2016-04-05
IMDb: 4.8

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