A Wizard's Tale (2018)

A WIZARD'S TALE is a magical family adventure story that sees a young kid named Terry (Toby Kebbell) whisked away to the colorful Kingdom of Groovynham. The evil wizard Grump (Ian McShane) has cast a spell of gloom over the land and as such, smiling and laughter are now a thing of the past. Terry must travel the Kingdom in search of a spell that will help get everyone's happy back and along the way help Princess Dawn (Lily Collins), outwit all manner of strange and wonderful creatures, and try an embrace a little thing called "change".
Genres:  AnimationAdventureComedyFamilyFantasy
Actors:  Toby KebbellLily CollinsKeith Wickham
Directors:  Andrés Couturier
Countries:  UKMexicoUSA
Writers:  Jim HechtAlicia Núñez Puerto
Runtime: 1h 37min
Release: 14 September 2018
IMDb: 4.8

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