Abduction 101 (2019)

In her fantasies, an ancient, unspeakable thing slumbers in the muck at the bottom of the abandoned pool. In her fantasies - erotic, masochistic, and full of violence - masked strangers capture, beat, and bind a trio of brave, beautiful women, exposing them to creatures that penetrate, control, and devour them. Are these just the fetishistic nightmares of one haunted woman's subconscious? Or is there really something at the bottom of the pool?
Genres:  Horror
Actors:  Luna LabelleNixi OblivionBrianna Shewbert Rouse
Directors:  Robin EntreingerSteve Noir
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Robin EntreingerSteve Noir
Runtime: 1h 17min
Release: 1 January 2019
IMDb: 6

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