Alienated (2019)

Divorced, overworked, and burned-out police profiler Frank Sanders (John Mertens) can't remember the last time he's seen his troubled 17 year-old daughter Chelsea (Clio Contogenis). Afraid of what Chelsea might do if left alone, her mother asks Frank to move in while she's gone for a three-day business trip. Frank puts his investigation into a strange disappearance case on hold, while his clumsy and sometimes heartbreaking attempts to connect with his estranged daughter awaken painful memories. Chelsea begins to have terrifying flashbacks, and she is desperate to find out if she is losing her grip on reality, or being threatened by external forces. Frank begins to think there may be a connection to his open case, but it's up to Chelsea to find the strength to save them both.
Genres:  Drama
Actors:  John MertensClio ContogenisAlexandra Gellner
Directors:  Joshua David
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Joshua David
Runtime: 1h 8min
Release: 31 March 2019
IMDb: 6.3

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