Amundsen (2019)

Norway, 1926. After read a newspaper about Roald Amundsen's missing in the North Pole, his brother Leon leaves his house to walk to the next door Roald's house, to await news. Taking him wrongly as a thief, Leon is hit by Bess Brigads, Roald's younger love interest. Introducing each other, Bess learns by Leon about a child Roald Amundsen, who rose with a happy family with his parents and other three brothers fascinated by North and South Pole, after the unknown and uncharted lands due to the extreme conditions of survival by the so much below zero temperatures. When their father died during one of his usual sea voyages and their mother died by disease a little time later, Roald and Leon strengthened his bonds caring each other in their wish to be the first men to arrive North Pole, where Roald would be the explorer and Leon the financier to get a team and the enough money for the travel. But in 1908 Frederick Cook's claiming to have arrived North Pole force them to change the plans: ...
Genres:  BiographyDramaHistory
Actors:  Pål Sverre HagenChristian RubeckKatherine Waterston
Directors:  Espen Sandberg
Countries:  NorwaySwedenCzech Republic
Writers:  Ravn Lanesskog
Runtime: 2h 5min
Release: 15 February 2019
IMDb: 6.3

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