Anonymous Killers (2020)

Four seasoned killers and one hapless professor are rounded up in one violent swoop and awake in chains to discover they are part of a demented experiment orchestrated by maniacal their, mysterious captor. To decide their fate, they must share the motives behind their crimes as they face the judgment of their peers. The rules are non-negotiable and the outcome is clear: live or die. The moral compass spins frantically as all fight to justify their lives before the final vote is cast.
Genres:  CrimeHorror
Actors:  Andrew BongiornoManu IntiraymiNatassia Halabi
Directors:  A.R. Hilton
Countries:  USA
Writers:  A.R. Hilton
Runtime: 1h 40min
Release: 20 October 2020
IMDb: 1

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