Barbie: Princess Charm School (2011)

Much to her surprise, Blair Willows, the young waitress with a heart of gold, discovers that she is accepted at Gardania's prestigious Princess Charm School, where girls can train to become princesses or royal ladies. As Blair learns the ways of a proper princess, the academy's imperious teacher, Dame Devin, realises that the beautiful young woman resembles a lot the realm's missing heiress to the throne--a title she intends for her daughter, Delancy. Could Blair be Gardania's true queen?
Genres:  AnimationFamilyFantasy
Actors:  Diana KaarinaMorwenna BanksNicole Oliver
Directors:  Ezekiel Norton
Countries:  USACanada
Writers:  Elise AllenKati Rocky
Runtime: 1h 21min
Release: 13 September 2011
IMDb: 6.4

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