Battle (2018)

Amalie works hard to fit in to a world where having it all is what matters - looks, money and dancing skills. But, when her father goes bankrupt, life as she knows it falls apart. At school, Amalie tries to pretend like nothing has happened. Then she meets Michael, the street-dancer, who is different from any other person she has met. Torn between her new life with Michael and the constant jealousy of her old friends, Amalie finds herself stuck in a continuous web of lies. How long can she keep the two worlds apart, and will she dare to be true to herself in the end?
Genres:  DramaMusicRomance
Actors:  Achmed AkkabiLisa TeigeVebjørn Enger
Directors:  Katarina Launing
Countries:  NorwayDenmarkNetherlandsSweden
Writers:  Maja Lunde
Runtime: 1h 35min
Release: 28 September 2018
IMDb: 6

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