Boxcar Bertha (1972)

Based on "Sister of the Road," the fictionalized autobiography of radical and transient Bertha Thompson as written by physician Dr. Ben L. Reitman, 'Boxcar' Bertha Thompson, a woman labor organizer in Arkansas during the violence-filled Depression of the early '30's meets up with rabble-rousing union man 'Big' Bill Shelly and they team up to fight the corrupt railroad establishment and she is eventually sucked into a life of crime with him.
Genres:  CrimeDramaRomance
Actors:  Barbara HersheyDavid Carradine
Directors:  Martin Scorsese
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Ben L. ReitmanJoyce Hooper Corrington
Runtime: 1h 28min
Release: 1972-06-14
IMDb: 6.1

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