Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure (2003)

Wilbur the pig knows how important friendship is - he learned that from a spider named Charlotte. So when Wilbur meets Cardigan, a lonely lamb, Wilbur immediately makes him his friend. Wilbur shows Cardigan the joys of farm life, and introduces him to three very special spiders - Nellie, Aranea and Joy - Charlotte's daughters. When Farmer Zuckerman suddenly sells Cardigan to another farmer, Wilbur realizes what he must do. Joined by a cunning rat named Templeton, Wilbur and Charlotte's daughters set out on an unforgettable journey to find Cardigan...and discover that with courage, heart and the love of your friends, you can do most anything.
Genres:  AnimationAdventureFamilyMusical
Actors:  Julia DuffyDavid Berón
Directors:  Mario Piluso
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Cliff RubyElana Lesser
Runtime: 1h 19min
Release: 2003-03-18
IMDb: 4.5

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