Chronicle (2012)

The shy, lonely and outcast teenager Andrew Detmer is bullied and has no friends at high-school and lives with his abusive and alcoholic father Richard Detmer and his terminally ill mother Karen. Andrew buys a camera to film his everyday life. His cousin Matt Garetty drives him to school and invites Andrew to go to a party at night. telekinetic abilities and Andrew becomes the most powerful. But he easily loses his temper and becomes dangerous while Matt tries to control him. When his mother needs a medicine and Andrew does not have enough money to buy it, his darker side overcomes and he becomes a menace.
Genres:  Sci-FiThriller
Actors:  Dane DeHaanAlex Russell
Directors:  Josh Trank
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Max LandisMax Landis
Runtime: 1h 24min
Release: 2012-02-03
IMDb: 7.1

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