Deliverance (1972)

The Cahulawassee River valley in Northern Georgia is one of the last natural pristine areas of the state, which will soon change with the imminent building of a dam on the river, which in turn will flood much of the surrounding land. As such, four Atlanta city dwellers, alpha male Lewis Medlock, Ed Gentry, Bobby Trippe, and Drew Ballinger, decide to take a multi-day canoe trip on the river, with only Lewis and Ed having experience in outdoor life. They know going in that the area is isolated. Their relatively peaceful trip takes a turn for the worse halfway through with river rapids and unwelcoming locals. The four need to battle their way out of the valley and are asked to do things they never thought possible within themselves.
Genres:  AdventureDramaThriller
Actors:  Jon VoightBurt ReynoldsNed Beatty
Directors:  John Boorman
Countries:  USA
Writers:  James DickeyJames Dickey
Runtime: 1h 49min
Release: 18 August 1972
IMDb: 7.7

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