Dread (2009)

The outcast cinema student, Stephen Grace, does not drive cars due to the trauma of losing his brother in a car accident. He befriends, Quaid, who since the age of 6 has experienced dreadful nightmares and daydreams about the death of his parents. Quaid proposes they research about each one's innermost fear. Stephen sees the chance of developing an original thesis for college and invites his friend, Cheryl, to work with them. Among the interviewees, Stephen talks to his colleague, Abby who works with him in the library. Abby has a complex about the way she looks. When the work is almost complete, Quaid has an outburst at one interviewee's and ends up destroying the camera and editing equipment. Stephen begins to re-evaluate the situation.
Genres:  DramaHorrorThriller
Actors:  Jackson RathboneHanne SteenLaura Donnelly
Directors:  Anthony DiBlasi
Countries:  UKUSA
Writers:  Clive BarkerAnthony DiBlasi
Runtime: 1h 48min
Release: 30 October 2009
IMDb: 5.7

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