Ghost Tale (2021)

PETER and LAURA buy a house to do up as an investment. After many arguments, they split up before they finish it. Decorating the bedroom, Peter's puzzled to find a photo of a little girl called EMILY with a SOCK PUPPET. He gets a visit from a strange man, MR BLAKE who warns him off, but Peter is desperate to finish the house, sell and leave forever. Much to Peter's disappointment, Laura turns up to help. She sleeps downstairs but on hearing strange voices, she rushes into Peter's room and they speculate if the place is haunted. Peter's fearful - they'll never sell the house with stories like this. Laura was the estate agent who sold the house across the road, and she insists they are just urban tales. Through the misinformation of the various stories, they discover who really died in their house and something malicious is watching them.
Genres:  Horror
Actors:  Johanna StantonJane Paul-GetsRodney Burt
Directors:  Katherine King
Countries:  UK
Writers:  Katherine King
Runtime: 1h 5min
Release: 8 March 2021
IMDb: 1

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