High Heels and Low Lifes (2001)

Two best girlfriends living in London suddenly find themselves battling wits with seasoned criminals when they decide to blackmail the culprits of a bank heist in their neighborhood rather than reporting the crime to the police. Refusing to be played by this new competition and give up the demanded $2 million, the leaders of the gang of robbers (Kevin McNally and Michael Gambon) decide to start playing dirty tricks, threaten violence and counterfeit money in an effort to throw the two women (played by Minnie Driver and Mary McCormack) off course. When the blackmail and counter attacks hurt an innocent bystander, the kooky best friends must use their friendship to empower each other to lure the hardened criminals into a risky trap.
Genres:  ActionDramaComedy
Actors:  Kevin McNallyMinnie Driver
Directors:  Mel Smith
Countries:  UKUSA
Writers:  Kim FullerGeorgia Pritchett
Runtime: 1h 26min
Release: 2001-10-26
IMDb: 6.2

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