Historias lamentables (2020)

Ramón, a young timid man about to inherit his rigorous and hermetic father's empire; Bermejo, a methodical vacationer with an unhealthy obsession with order and hater of improvisation; Ayoub, an African with no passport who pursues his dream alongside an insufferable woman who has lost it; and Alipio, a small businessman plunged into the pits of gambling and despair, are the protagonist of this very Fesser comedy formed by four interconnected humorous stories that go to show that nothing is funnier than the misfortune of others and that, in a comedy film, the worse things get for the protagonists, the more the viewer will enjoy the movie.
Genres:  Comedy
Actors:  Pol LópezChani MartínLaura Gómez-Lacueva
Directors:  Javier Fesser
Countries:  Spain
Writers:  Javier FesserClaro García
Runtime: 60 min
Release: 19 November 2020
IMDb: 6.7

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