I Got the Hook Up 2 (2019)

Best friends and old-school street hustlers Black and Blue went legit twenty years ago when they opened their family restaurant. But with the health inspector threatening to shut them down, they could lose it all. Now it's up to young thug scam artists Fatboy and Spyda to step up and save the day. And a stolen shipment of the hottest smart phones might just be the ticket, so long as the cops and a couple of bloodthirsty gangs don't get them first. Come back and visit the old neighborhood in this hilarious all-new comedy classic even wilder than the original.
Genres:  Comedy
Actors:  Tommy 'Tiny' ListerKj SmithClifton Powell
Directors:  Corey Grant
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Michael BallardRamello Barnes
Runtime: 1h 47min
Release: 12 July 2019
IMDb: 3.4

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