Johnny Handsome (1989)

Johnny Handsome is a deformed gangster who plans a successful robbery with a friend of his, Mikey Chalmette, and another couple (Sunny Boid and Rafe Garrett). During the heist, Johnny and Mikey are double-crossed by Sunny and Rafe---Mikey is killed and Johnny sent to prison. While in prison, Johnny is invited to a rehabilitation program, where Dr. Steven Fischer rebuilds Johnny's face and helps Johnny get paroled. Johnny starts working in a shipyard, where he meets Donna McCarty and starts a romance. Lt. A.Z. Drones is a skeptical detective who follows the rehabilitation of Johnny. Johnny's new life is consumed by the desire of payback.
Genres:  CrimeDramaThriller
Actors:  Mickey RourkeEllen Barkin
Directors:  Walter Hill
Countries:  USA
Writers:  John GodeyKen Friedman
Runtime: 1h 34min
Release: 1989-09-29
IMDb: 6.1

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