Knock Off (1998)

A Hong Kong fashion designer (Jean Claude Van Damme, if you can believe that billing) who had previously been involved in knock offs of major label merchandise, such as "Pumma" running shoes, attempts to go straight with the help of his new partner (Rob Schneider), who is secretly an undercover CIA agent involved in an investigation of the black market. Their main product, jeans, is involved in the knock offs, which brings a representative (Lela Rochon) of the American company to investigate. Paul Sorvino also appears as the head of the CIA operation in Hong Kong. However, just as Schneider is not as he initially seems, everyone in the film switches roles by film's end.
Genres:  ActionComedyThriller
Actors:  Jean-Claude Van DammeRob Schneider
Directors:  Hark Tsui
Countries:  ArubaHong KongUSA
Writers:  Steven E. de Souza
Runtime: 1h 31min
Release: 1998-09-04
IMDb: 4.8

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