Lust for Life (1956)

Vincent Van Gogh is the archetypical tortured artistic genius. His obsession with painting, combined with mental illness, propels him through an unhappy life full of failures and unrewarding relationships. He fails at being a preacher to coal miners. He fails in his relationships with women. He earns some respect among his fellow painters, especially Paul Gauguin, but he does not get along with them. He only manages to sell one painting in his lifetime. The one constant good in his life is his brother Theo, who is unwavering in his moral and financial support.
Genres:  BiographyDrama
Actors:  Kirk DouglasAnthony QuinnJames Donald
Directors:  Vincente MinnelliGeorge Cukor
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Norman CorwinIrving Stone
Runtime: 2h 2min
Release: 30 November 1956
IMDb: 7.4

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