Money for Nothing (1993)

When unemployed dockworker Joey Coyle finds $1.2 million that fell off of an armored car, he decides to do the logical thing: take the money and run. After all, he says, finders keepers. He turns to his ex-girlfriend Monica, who works in an investment firm, for advice, before turning to the mob for help laundering the money. While Joey makes plans to leave the country, however, a detective is following his ever-warmer trail in order to recover the cash.
Genres:  ComedyCrimeDrama
Actors:  John CusackDebi MazarMichael Madsen
Directors:  Ramón Menéndez
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Mark BowdenRamón Menéndez
Runtime: 1h 40min
Release: 10 September 1993
IMDb: 5.8

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