My Adventures with Santa (2019)

Starring Barbara Eden, Denise Richards and Patrick Muldoon, My Adventures with Santa is a heartfelt, fun-filled adventure that brings the magic of the holiday spirit to the whole family. Christmas in the Nolan household isn't what it used to be. Instead of a joyous family gathering, they are spending this holiday apart. On a last minute shopping trip with Dad, the family enters an enchanted store only to discover a dazzling snow globe with magical powers. Suddenly the Nolan family is transported through the globe to the North Pole where they are asked to help Santa save Christmas! As they come together to support Santa and the elves, their family love grows stronger and the true meaning of Christmas comes alive.
Genres:  Family
Actors:  Denise RichardsPatrick MuldoonJamie Luner
Directors:  Brian Skiba
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Matthew CoppolaBrian Skiba
Runtime: 1h 32min
Release: 5 November 2019
IMDb: 5.5

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