Nefarious (2019)

Darren, Lou, Jo and Mas live a meager existence on the fringes of poverty. Indebted to the criminal kingpin of their social housing development, they routinely fear for their lives. On the other side of town, the already wealthy Marcus and his disabled brother Clive receive a windfall in the form of a winning lottery ticket. When their worlds collide following a botched robbery, the would-be criminals get more than they bargained for, and will be tested to their limits in a desperate attempt to survive a predator of monstrous proportions.
Genres:  Horror
Actors:  Jon Vangdal AamaasAaron Thomas WardNadia Lamin
Directors:  Richard Rowntree
Countries:  UK
Writers:  Matthew DaviesRichard Rowntree
Runtime: 1h 19min
Release: 17 March 2020
IMDb: 7.7

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