Nukie (1987)

Two aliens, Nukie and Miko, crash-land on different parts of the Earth. Miko is quickly captured by an American space agency, while Nukie, who has landed in the middle of the African savannah, wanders about until he befriends two young children. Will Miko survive the scientists' experiements? Will Nukie ever be reunited with his space-travelling companion?
Genres:  FamilySci-Fi
Actors:  Glynis JohnsSteve RailsbackRonald France
Directors:  Sias OdendaalMichael Pakleppa
Countries:  South AfricaUKUSA
Writers:  Ben TaylorSias Odendaal
Runtime: 1h 35min
Release: 1 July 1987
IMDb: 1.8

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