Parkland (2013)

Recounting the chaotic events that occurred in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, Parkland weaves together the perspectives of a handful of ordinary individuals suddenly thrust into extraordinary circumstances: the young doctors and nurses at Parkland Hospital; Dallas' chief of the Secret Service; an unwitting cameraman who captured what became the most watched and examined film in history; the FBI agents who nearly had the gunman within their grasp; the brother of Lee Harvey Oswald, left to deal with his shattered family; and JFK's security team, witnesses to both the president's death and Vice President Lyndon Johnson's rise to power over a nation whose innocence was forever altered.
Genres:  DramaHistoryMysteryThriller
Actors:  Zac EfronTom Welling
Directors:  Peter Landesman
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Peter LandesmanVincent Bugliosi
Runtime: 1h 33min
Release: 2013-10-02
IMDb: 6.4

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