Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973)

It's 1881 in New Mexico, and the times they are a'changing. Pat Garrett, erstwhile travelling companion of the outlaw Billy the Kid has become a sheriff, tasked by cattle interests with ridding the territory of Billy. After Billy escapes, Pat assembles a posse and chases him through the territory, culminating in a final confrontation at Fort Sumner, but is unaware of the full scope of the cattle interests' plans for the New West.
Genres:  BiographyDramaWestern
Actors:  James CoburnKris KristoffersonRichard Jaeckel
Directors:  Sam Peckinpah
Countries:  USAMexico
Writers:  Rudy Wurlitzer
Runtime: 2h 2min
Release: 23 May 1973
IMDb: 7.3

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