Psycho Beach Party (2000)

Spoof of 1960s Beach Party/Gidget surfing movies mixed with slasher horror films. Florence Forrest, a not-so-innocent girl in 1960s Malibu, becomes "Chicklet", the first girl surfer at Malibu Beach. Only Florence suffers from dissociative identity disorder and, occasionally, her alter ego "Ann Bowman", a sexually aggressive, foul-speaking girl, comes out, during which time several beach goers are found murdered. The suspects include Chicklet herself, surfer Kanaka, exchange student Lars, and even Chicklet's own mother.
Genres:  ComedyHorrorMystery
Actors:  Lauren AmbroseNicholas BrendonThomas Gibson
Directors:  Robert Lee King
Countries:  AustraliaUSA
Writers:  Charles BuschCharles Busch
Runtime: 1h 35min
Release: 7 September 2001
IMDb: 6.3

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