Ryde (2016)

A new ride share service app called RYDE is taking over what used to be the Taxi industry. It's cheaper and has more of a "friend giving you a ride" type of feel. With so many people using this fun new platform, how safe is it? When a PSYCHOPATH takes over the identity of a Ryde driver, everyone who uses this app will be at the mercy of this maniac. Getting a RYDE is as simple as a few clicks away, but getting out alive won't be so easy.
Genres:  HorrorThriller
Actors:  David WachsJessica Serfaty
Directors:  Brian Frank Visciglia
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Kat SilviaBrian Frank Visciglia
Runtime: 1h 24min
Release: 2017-09-21
IMDb: 6

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