Sleepless Beauty (2020)

A young woman, Mila, is kidnapped by a mysterious organization known as Recreation. Her unknown abductors talk to her though a loudspeaker and set strict rules: she cannot sleep and has to fulfill bizarre and violent tasks if she hopes to stay alive. At first, it looks like someone's sick idea of entertainment but as the demands become more intense, Mila begins to realize that she is losing control of her own mind and may be a pawn in a twisted and deadly psychological experiment.
Genres:  Horror
Actors:  Polina DavydovaEvgeniy GagarinOlivia Indik
Directors:  Pavel Khvaleev
Countries:  Russia
Writers:  Aleksandra Khvaleeva
Runtime: 1h 24min
Release: 29 June 2020
IMDb: 5.3

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