Starship Troopers: Invasion (2012)

On an asteroid, the Terran Federation's Fort Casey is on top of a bug hive. The Starship Alesia begins to deploy its troops to seize and control the hanger and rescue any survivors. 'Alpha' team landed without much resistance from the bugs, after they rendezvous with what's left of Fort Casey's troopers, LTA Daugherty then decided to hold till the John A. Warden evacuates while the Alesia stands by for immediate evacuation.
Genres:  AnimationActionSci-Fi
Actors:  Luci ChristianDavid Matranga
Directors:  Shinji Aramaki
Countries:  JapanUSA
Writers:  Robert A. HeinleinFlint Dille
Runtime: 1h 29min
Release: 2012-07-21
IMDb: 5.9

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