Straw Dogs (2011)

Screenwriter David Sumner travels with his wife Amy in his Jaguar to her homeland Blackwater, in the Mississippi. Amy's father has passed away and David intends to write his screenplay about Stalingrad in the house. David hires the contractor Charlie and his team to repair the roof of the Barn. Amy was the sweetheart of Charlie when she lived there and neither him nor his crew show respect to her. Charlie invites David to hunt deers with his group and him but they leave David alone in the woods and rape Amy. She does not tell to David what happened but when the drunken coach Tom Heddon calls Charlie and his friends to hunt down the slow Jeremy Niles that likes his daughter, David decides to protect not only Jeremy, but also Amy and his honor.
Genres:  ActionDramaThriller
Actors:  James MarsdenKate Bosworth
Directors:  Rod Lurie
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Rod LurieDavid Zelag Goodman
Runtime: 1h 50min
Release: 2011-09-16
IMDb: 5.8

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