Tarzan's Desert Mystery (1943)

A letter from Jane, who is nursing British troops, asks Tarzan's help in obtaining a malaria serum extractable from jungle plants. Tarzan and Boy set out across the desert looking for the plants and wind up ruining a German's attempt to capture a wild horse. They arrive in an Arab city and rescue a stranded American lady magician, sentenced to be hanged for carrying a secret message to the Sheik. To obtain the plants, Tarzan must fight prehistoric monsters, Nazis, and so on.
Genres:  Adventure
Actors:  Johnny WeissmullerNancy KellyJohnny Sheffield
Directors:  Wilhelm Thiele
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Edward T. Lowe Jr.Carroll Young
Runtime: 1h 10min
Release: 16 March 1944
IMDb: 6.3

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