The Crying Game (1992)

An unlikely kind of friendship develops between Fergus, an Irish Republican Army volunteer, and Jody, a kidnapped British soldier lured into an IRA trap by Jude, another IRA member. When the hostage-taking ends up going horribly wrong, Fergus escapes and heads to London, where he seeks out Jody's lover, a hairdresser named Dil. Fergus adopts the name "Jimmy" and gets a job as a day laborer. He also starts seeing Dil, who knows nothing about Fergus' IRA background. But there are some things about Dil that Fergus doesn't know, either...
Genres:  CrimeDramaRomanceThriller
Actors:  Stephen ReaJaye Davidson
Directors:  Neil Jordan
Countries:  UKJapan
Writers:  Neil Jordan
Runtime: 1h 52min
Release: 1992-10-30
IMDb: 7.3

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