The Forsaken (2001)

Sean is driving cross-country to deliver a vintage Mercedes and attend his sister's wedding when he picks up hitchhiker Nick, who just happens to be a vampire hunter, tracking down a group of youthful vampires who feed on unwary travelers. They run into Megan, who has been left for dead by the vampires. As they use her as a lure for the vampires, Sean becomes attracted to her. After Sean is infected with the vampire virus, he, Megan and Nick must race against time to kill the vampire leader Kit to stop Sean from becoming one of the undead.
Genres:  HorrorThriller
Actors:  Kerr SmithBrendan FehrIzabella Miko
Directors:  J.S. Cardone
Countries:  USA
Writers:  J.S. Cardone
Runtime: 1h 30min
Release: 27 April 2001
IMDb: 5.3

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