The Parallax View (1974)

Joe Frady is a determined reporter who often needs to defend his work from colleagues. After the assassination of a prominent U.S. senator, Frady begins to notice that reporters present during the assassination are dying mysteriously. After getting more involved in the case, Frady begins to realize that the assassination was part of a conspiracy somehow involving the Parallax Corporation, an enigmatic training institute. He then decides to enroll for the Parallax training himself to discover the truth.
Genres:  DramaThriller
Actors:  Warren BeattyPaula PrentissWilliam Daniels
Directors:  Alan J. Pakula
Countries:  USA
Writers:  David GilerLorenzo Semple Jr.
Runtime: 1h 42min
Release: 20 June 1975
IMDb: 7.1

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