The Strike (2016)

When a trio of struggling and increasingly desperate thirty-something actors -- Alberto, Molly and Richard -- discover that A-list talent agent Carlo Lombardi is taking classes at the yoga studio where Molly teaches, they concoct the perfect scheme to convince him of their talent: Lay siege to the yoga studio, tie Carlo up -- and with a gun to his head -- give the performance of their lives! A perfect plan! Now what could go wrong? 'The Strike': Just cause they have a plan, doesn't mean they've got a clue!
Genres:  ComedyCrimeDrama
Actors:  Bronson PinchotCarolina Ravassa
Directors:  Guillermo IvánBen Loggins
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Guillermo Iván
Runtime: 1h 30min
Release: 2016-04-14
IMDb: 6.1

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