The Woods (2006)

In 1965, after provoking a fire in a forest, the rebel teenager Heather Fasulo is sent to the boarding school Falburn Academy in the middle of the woods by her estranged mother Alice Fasulo and her neglected father Joe Fasulo. The dean Ms. Traverse accepts Heather in spite of the bad financial condition of her father. The displaced Heather becomes close friend of he weird Marcy Turner, while they are maltreated by the abusive mate Samantha Wise. During the nights, Heather has nightmares and listens to voices from the woods, and along the days she believes that the school is a coven of witches. When some students, including Marcy, simply vanish, Heather believes she will be the next one.
Genres:  HorrorMysteryThriller
Actors:  Lauren BirkellAgnes BrucknerJane Gilchrist
Directors:  Lucky McKee
Countries:  USAUKGermany
Writers:  David Ross
Runtime: 1h 31min
Release: 26 September 2006
IMDb: 5.7

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