Tideland (2005)

Pre-teen Jeliza-Rose's parents are hopeless drug addicts. When pa, rocker Noah, finds ma's OD'd, he fears to be charged with homicide and takes Jeliza along to his ma's place, in a desolate country region. With Noah passed out, the girl mentally transfers to a fantasy world she and her doll heads enter magically. Jeliza's adventures also star the crazy locals, notably Dell, and Dell's grown but intellectually disabled brother Dickens.
Genres:  DramaFantasyHorror
Actors:  Jeff BridgesJennifer TillyJodelle Ferland
Directors:  Terry Gilliam
Countries:  UKCanada
Writers:  Tony GrisoniTerry Gilliam
Runtime: 2h
Release: 11 August 2006
IMDb: 6.5

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