Vampires Suck (2010)

Frank Crane, sheriff of Washington's Spork town, welcomes back his daughter Becca. However obvious the signs, she takes forever to recognize its Halloween-like decoration hardly masks the omnipresence of bizarrely clumsy vampires and werewolves, even in the case of her devoted youth friend Jacob White, whose canine traits extend from a tail to the irresistible urge to chase cats. She falls in love with sickly pale Edward Sullen, member of the depressed, bloodthirsty adopted family of Dr. Carlton.
Genres:  AdventureComedyHorror
Actors:  Jenn ProskeMatt Lanter
Directors:  Jason FriedbergAaron Seltzer
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Jason FriedbergAaron Seltzer
Runtime: 1h 22min
Release: 2010-08-18
IMDb: 3.4

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