Certain Women (2016)

Certain Women drops us into a handful of intersecting lives across Montana. A lawyer (Laura Dern) tries to defuse a hostage situation and calm her disgruntled client (Jared Harris), who feels slighted by a workers' compensation settlement. A married couple (Michelle Williams and James Le Gros) breaks ground on a new home but exposes marital fissures when they try to persuade an elderly man to sell his stockpile of sandstone. A ranch hand (Lily Gladstone) forms an attachment to a young lawyer (Kristen Stewart), who inadvertently finds herself teaching a twice-weekly adult education class, four hours from her home.
Genres:  Drama
Actors:  Michelle WilliamsKristen Stewart
Directors:  Kelly Reichardt
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Kelly ReichardtMaile Meloy
Runtime: 1h 47min
Release: 2017-02-22
IMDb: 6.3

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