West of Zanzibar (1928)

Magician Phroso's wife Anna leaves him for another man, named Crane, who fights with Phroso and leaves him paralyzed. Later Anna returns and he finds her dead, leaving behind a daughter. For 18 years Phroso, known as "Dead Legs" by his cronies, plots his revenge, becoming a pseudo-king in East Africa, nearby where Crane has set up an ivory business. When the daughter is grown, having lived in a brothel in Zanzibar thanks to "Dead Legs", Phroso put his plan into action, resulting in revenge and retribution all around.
Genres:  DramaMystery
Actors:  Lon ChaneyLionel BarrymoreMary Nolan
Directors:  Tod Browning
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Elliott J. ClawsonChester De Vonde
Runtime: 1h 5min
Release: 24 November 1928
IMDb: 7.3

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