Cover Up Season 1

Dani Reynolds is photographer. Her life changes after her husband dies. She learned that he was the mild mannered man he said he was but was in reality a government agent. When she found out that he was murdered, she recruited a former Vietnam Vet Mac Harper to help her find her husbands killers. After doing that, Henry Towner, her husband's boss, offered her her husband's job. Basically, she would continue being a photographer and Mac was one of her models. And Henry would send them anywhere in the world where there are Americans in trouble or criminals that need to be apprehended or enemies of the U.S. that had to be stopped, and they acted pretty much on their own. When Jon-Erik Hexum who played Mac died, Jack Striker joined the show as an actual agent who joined Dani's team as the new model.
Genres:  ActionAdventureDramaThriller
Actors:  Jennifer O'NeillRichard AndersonMykelti Williamson
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Glen A. Larson
Runtime: 1h
Release: 22 September 1984
IMDb: 7.9

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