House of Anubis Season 3

American scholarship student Nina Martin arrives at her new school - an English boarding school with a dormitory named after the Egyptian god of death, Anubis. Upon her arrival, fellow student Joy suddenly leaves the school. When Joy's friends, Nina's new housemates, confront her about Joy's disappearance, suspicion quickly turns to the draconian groundskeeper of Anubis House, Victor. Nina and the other students embark on a quest to find out exactly what happened to Joy, while uncovering a world of mystery in the process.
Genres:  DramaFamilyFantasyMysteryRomanceThriller
Actors:  Alex SawyerEugene SimonBrad Kavanagh
Countries:  UKUSA
Writers:  Hans BourlonGert Verhulst
Runtime: 15min
Release: 1 January 2011
IMDb: 7.5

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