SS-GB Season 1

England, 1941. Germany, having successfully invaded in 1940, is now in control of the UK. The SS now run the country but for general law and order, a famed Scotland Yard detective. Archer walks a thin line, as his job requires him to work closely with the despised SS, the vanguard of Nazi fascism. To some this makes him a traitor. An English resistance movement exists but Archer believes that resistance is futile and will only lead to further bloodshed. Then a murder case draws him into the struggle, and into a plot of international proportions.
Genres:  ActionDramaSci-FiThriller
Actors:  Sam RileyJames CosmoRainer Bock
Countries:  UK
Runtime: 1h
Release: 19 February 2017
IMDb: 6.6

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