Swamp Thing Season 1

In a secret facility located in the Louisiana swamplands, scientist Alec Holland and his wife Linda invented a Bio-Restorative Formula that would solve any nations' food shortage problems. Ferrett and Bruno - thugs working for Nathan Ellery - barged into Alec's lab, knocked him out, and planted a bomb in the facility. Alec woke up just as the bomb exploded, and in flames, he ran into the swamp. His body had been drenched in the bio-restorative formula, and this affected the plant life of the swamp, imbuing it with Alec's consciousness and memories. The newly conscious plant life formed a semblance of a human form and rose up from the bog as the Swamp Thing, the latest in a long line of Earth elementals created when The Green was in need of protection.
Genres:  ActionDramaFantasyHorrorSci-Fi
Actors:  Henderson WadeJennifer BealsAndy Bean
Countries:  USA
Writers:  Gary DaubermanMark Verheiden
Runtime: 1h
Release: 31 May 2019
IMDb: 9.4

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